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I rest in a state of suspended consciousness.
I am aware of all things,
around me, beneath me and above.
I relate to many and often make them dream.
I tell them to never give up…
though it looks harder than it seems.
A smile of confidence, eyes eager to explore
I’m a body of achievement,
with a mind to pursue.
I am a dreamer who dreams…
and one that makes them come true!

I won’t walk away if things aren’t right.
I’m a firm believer, fight for what’s right.
I stand with integrity, for knowledge is a mere force,
and sincerity is always my second choice.
I’m a dreamer who dreams…
yet not afraid to stand alone.
I have chosen the road I’ve traveled on.
Fear holds no purpose, for my foundation is pure
Faith is the making of a leader…
who’s at the start.
Only following footprints within the human heart.
Inspired to dream, no matter the cost…
starting the vision is the harder part.

I am a person who dreams…
the coolest of all sunsets,
with the highest of seas.
My destiny evokes the spirit,
it’s pre-written in stone.
And only the Angels know,
when I’ll be called back home.
The reason is inspiration…
with desire in the air.
As the light of passion burns within my soul…
Igniting, all those dreams
I have yet to know!


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  1. Lucas says:

    Very lyrical – with choice of words that inspire and energise. You are telling rather than showing, which at times I do not like, but in the case it works as a stong rhetorical device – addressing the reader directly. I enjoyed the metaphysicality too, the “I” as an entity rather than a person. It works well. Also the image goes perfectly.

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