Playful and Sweet

Inspirational Poems

Inspirational Poems


When we believe that Soulfulness is the embodiment of Perfection
We tell ourselves that we are imperfect, and incomplete.
When we believe others must seek Perfection
We negate their inherent Beauty and Soulful calling.

Beauty is your Soul’s Perfection,
Perfection and Beauty are harmonious.
Ego and Soul are dear friends.
Beauty says I am flawed, vulnerable I awaken!
Perfection says you are flawed, you are vulnerable awaken!
Awaken? Awaken? To What?
Don’t you know silly!

The Soulful One is fully expressed without doing anything.
Like a kitten or a puppy, life is playful and sweet.



Photograph by Cubmundo



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Julie Maya Panda

Julie Maya Panda is a Mystic Poet & Spiritual Hynotherapist living in San Francisco, CA.

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