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A Curious Confusion

Poem   Last night, in my back yard, a curious confusion arose, you were, I was splendiferously colliding stay home and speak to me, go away quickly leave me alone with you I’m talking...

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Confessions of a Nice Person

I’m sick of consideration of tip-toeing with subservient salutations mentally groveling to figure the proper expression of an emotional need taking heed always stubbing my own toes never touching those of my foes I’m...

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Tasting Wine

When getting wasted tasting wine, you’re clearly never wasting time. Choose to spit and waste it, fine; as long as you’re not tasting mine.   more by LUCAS HOWARD Photograph by Emanuel Feruzi

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Like Never Before

You hurt deep down and regret, immensely, while the invisible wall in your room plays tricks with your mind. You sing a song out loud: “One two three, one two three, There is a...

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Winter Night

Trees wrapped in fog Bundled on the hilltops Twilight weaving A silver blue shawl. Pale cheeks, flashing eyes Running through the shadows Fallen leaves, broken twigs A forest of obstacles. Tripping through rocky mud...

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A Nod Here And There

Stop at the crest of hump day to survey the majesty of a week half-done flesh responds to the air’s gentle nudges is this the right direction? Fancy yourself a handsome cut piece of...

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Existential Right of a Cliche

Your eyes, a moon-soaked shard of heaven, your face, luciform lilt of sea; I scarcely breathe, lying with you, love, now, my heart so jammed with awe; crammed with the varied parts of you;...

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Not a Sonnet

Take me to the place where promises go to die I think my heart is waiting there for you Holding out its remainders and saying, “Whatever’s left is yours, if you want it” It’s...