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Poem   I am the queen. Everyone longs to be near the hive but only you may enter.   more by JULSEY DAHLING photograph by Andrew E Weber   Image Curve’s Manifesto

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You Don’t Know What I Know

Poem   Keep pressing my buttons why dontcha I’ll give you a chance here and there Let you attack and test my anesthesia I’ll let you stare and glare and compare You don’t know...

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The Practice Room

Poem   The door is thick, at least two inches but it won’t muffle the sound. It closes on this small place, the white paint peeling, the graffiti of distracted musicians fading from the walls. I...

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Poem   I could never explain the process it took for me to access the real me. There are few who might understand the intricacies and difficulties it took to appease, please, and peel...

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Life Poem   Look into my eyes and see how much I care. See the world as it was the last day of your life. Wake up. Wake up. WAKE UP! Everybody is running...

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Magic Carpet

Rhyming Poems   On a carpet design depicting all time with detail so fine it escapes the eye, and colours so bright, the surface shines, but as years go by the carpet fades. Although...

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Electric Veins

Poem   Here in her video game blanket she rides the wind Electric guitar strings wiring her brain Pink hair soaking Clouds moving, skin glowing Adventure in everything Racing in the rain, a ride...

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Poem   Some nights you come like a sainted acquaintance and assume me. Some hours you are a sylph in a drifting sun. I will not seek your refuge — hallowed castle of love’s...