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Poem   Sometimes I forget to breathe, But that’s not true. In reality, I just stop sometimes; I think about you and Pause my processes Close my eyes Grieve the losses And a bit...

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Poem   Time dancing on your head, you cannot be everywhere you think you can. Scanning through schedules, checking every man. Disappointment will persist, inevitable lack of a plan. Plan what you may, plan...

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Kill It

Sound Screams Fear postpone charlatan reactions to justice leaping into disastrous victory lies; even the good ones that create a vortex of honey in the pit of your stomach when the getaway is Scott...



Poem I didn’t meet you for lunch that day because I had to make a fucking run for it. I had to put as much distance between me and that place as I could....

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When She Sings

Poem   Golden night has spread its wings in the summer sky above. Swallows dancing while she sings her song of life and love. She caresses me and whispers words of wisdom and eternal...

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Art Trips

Art Poem   Art Trips: A Series of Artistically Flustered Sentences I The paintbrush is resting in the tainted water. The red is splattered all over this white dress. Art comes from the heart,...

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Back In Time

Poem Back in the days when the summers were hotter, and the skies were bluer, and the faces were younger. Back in the days when my home was the Cosmos and my garden was...

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Wild Dreaming

Poem   Looks like you spend Your free time Shopping through The windows of my eyes Your dreams! Your dreams! Looking like my sights Keep dreaming Oh, keep in that space Laying in my...

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Poem   I am the queen. Everyone longs to be near the hive but only you may enter.   more by JULSEY DAHLING photograph by Andrew E Weber   Image Curve’s Manifesto

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You Don’t Know What I Know

Poem   Keep pressing my buttons why dontcha I’ll give you a chance here and there Let you attack and test my anesthesia I’ll let you stare and glare and compare You don’t know...

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The Practice Room

Poem   The door is thick, at least two inches but it won’t muffle the sound. It closes on this small place, the white paint peeling, the graffiti of distracted musicians fading from the walls. I...

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Poem   I could never explain the process it took for me to access the real me. There are few who might understand the intricacies and difficulties it took to appease, please, and peel...