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end of summer poem 2

Starless Sky

Poem   The sky has darkened, full of clouds and frost. The summer has died all the beauty is lost. Ugly mountains are before me! Endless winters to console me. There is only one...

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Whisper, Whisper, Wearily

Poem Surreally pleasant after glow, Charms of winter’s Falling snow In lingering footless paths And designated aftermaths Full calypso Tranquil night I breathe a subdued Deathly plight My lips parted, Passionately, beneath Blankets departedly...

place poem 0


Poem In the park, Which reminds me of The Luxembourg Gardens trees swell with bursts of cadmium fires Windswept branches sway like Burnt-umber menorahs under the Weight of lamp-black snow The fluttering of countless...

Bulbs 2


room of light balls room of candles room of bluebells bluebird then the images disappear as they are wanted to more by URSULA RABAR BABIC

Old Man 0

Fading Luminescence

Mellow drums and a sullen guitar. These are the sounds of his footsteps. Sun-speckled skin like an old cigar He’s lived one life and is living another Faded are those that he once knew...

Inspiring Poem 0

Coat My Skin in Ash

Inspiring Poem   Ashes rise and fall filling the sky with nothing but specs of black. The air choked with memories of the past, things that marked who we were now floating bits and...