Are You Ready for the Day

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Love Poems


I cannot rule your destiny, not even mine,
I cannot give you hope, it’s so divine,
I cannot make your dreams come true, forgive,
I wish I could… but life is yours to live.

I was there, so close, but so away,
my hand was trembling, feeble,
and you were lost, I saw you pray…

but no one listened, nothing came,
no resort for broken soul, forgive,
I wish I could… but it is you to breathe.

You were running, I saw you fall,
whispers of forgotten hope I heard,
and dreamless was the day, I know…

sometimes the night could last forever,
and you’d be reaching out for light,
oh how I wish we could stay together…

The day is rising, are you ready for a fight?



photograph by Sergee Bee


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