Starless Sky

end of summer poem
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The sky has darkened,
full of clouds and frost.
The summer has died
all the beauty is lost.
Ugly mountains are before me!
Endless winters to console me.
There is only one path-
path of loneliness and anger,
path of freedom and chains.
Free body and mind insane.
Year after year, legend after legend
life has just become a myth.
Wind is blowing season after season.
And in the end, on the top
after all the blackness is gone
and all clouds have drifted away.
There is nothing you can pray!
For the sky has no stars…



photograph by Samuel Zeller


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2 Responses

  1. Vytautas Juodkalnija says:

    Untold poem 🙂

  2. Radi says:

    Very dark. Very powerful! Everyone can relate to that moment of despair (for some longer than for others). The stars di show up eventually though, after winter must come spring 😉

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