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Poverty include articles and literary works that deal with this sensitive topic.

World Poetry 0

Would You Care

Poem   A little princess floats aimlessly, skiing from cloud to cloud. She watches earthlings down below, busy chasing trends. Endless cycles to the ends of the world. Girls yearn to be stick thin...

city poems 0


Poem   When I think back to my early days in New York When I dined on lemonade instead of food and walked dogs just to stay It seemed then like the city were...


The Train-car

I touch the walls of this old wooden train-car. My hand feeling first the roughness of wood from another time and place. My feet standing where others from stories past once also stood that...

Struggle 0


How do I make a dollar out of fifteen cents? I need that dollar to pay the rent. Everyday I go to work and it’s a struggle. I have mouths to feed and bills...