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Kronos Got Drunk — Part Nine

Serial Fiction They seemed to fuse into a giant ball of fur and feathers; clawing and biting and emitting deafening sounds from their maws. In the chaos, I saw the pocket watch rip from the...



Poem One day I will be a successful magician Turning what I see into its fruition Imagination more than a mere suggestion Reality a blank slate with no permission I want to do so...

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Poem   I am the queen. Everyone longs to be near the hive but only you may enter.   more by JULSEY DAHLING photograph by Andrew E Weber   Image Curve’s Manifesto

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When I See You

Poem   My blood pulses like the flashes of lightning in a midnight sky that wake me and want to take me past some point of no return past the point which I have...

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Battling Myself

Poem   My voice flows in time, I am the energy. All eyes on me, climbing steadily. My words etched in your mind indelibly. One of a kind, a pedigree, top dog, better believe...

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Electric Veins

Poem   Here in her video game blanket she rides the wind Electric guitar strings wiring her brain Pink hair soaking Clouds moving, skin glowing Adventure in everything Racing in the rain, a ride...