The Baker, The Butcher and The Brewer, Part Three – The Butcher 9

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Serial Fiction Novel


The car dropped the Butcher at an enormous iron gate on one of the last floors of a public parking. The gate was covered in graffiti and seemed out of use, immoveable. No sign of any kind of administration or welcoming party. He went close to it, he stepped back, sizing up. He was growing skeptic. He looked around and felt vulnerable and exposed.

Suddenly a tiny slit on the door started flushing in green. He approached and inserted the metal card in. A squeaking metallic sound followed almost immediately.

‘The G-20 leaders must be here with hookers form Mars.’ He thought.
Harry was at the door. He walked him in. The Butcher was unimpressed with the impressive inner details. Everything was black and Harry was proud of it. He noticed some familiar faces but no one he knew personally. Harry was right this was the top of the food chain. The mercury drinking, immortality seeking rulers of society. The Butcher felt he was shopping at the right place.

‘You are looking for an authority on art, are you not?’ Dropped Harry casually.

‘How did you know that?’ He almost jumped for a second time that night.

‘Nobody gets in the door unless we know everything about him Mr. Butcher.’ Harry grinned coldly. ‘Your latest dubbing seems to stick.’

‘I see. But! No one but me knows about that business.’ He answered slightly too excited.

‘Well let’s just say that we do some analytical analysis on your background and this is the most probable outcome considering your habits. We can accommodate both.’

‘Both what?’

‘Your business and your pleasures. This is the only place they coexist but we do not mix them. Pleasure follows strictly after business.’

‘I appreciate your business but I can handle my own end, thank you.’

‘Mr. Butcher, this is not the free country that you were born in outside that gate. Here you can’t shop around. First, you don’t know who you are looking for, I do. Let me save time and effort wasted.’

‘I am not sure what you mean?’

‘The man you are looking for is called Bridge. Henry Bridge.’

‘Thank you very much, I’ll take it from here.’

‘No you are not. I told you the name to demonstrate you my confidence. Mr. Bridge is old, wealthy beyond measure and only cares about seventeen year old Scandinavian girls tied to a bed frame. I guarantee you one hundred percent that he will turn you down before you open your mouth. You will be as transparent to him as a love song. Not only this, after he turns you down your little secret will be out, you will no longer be welcome here and my offer will be off the table.’

‘And if I take your offer! What is the price?’ He entertained his consideration.

‘First listen how you can benefit from it. I guarantee Mr. Bridge’s consent to assist in the course of however long it takes. He will also facilitate ‘talking up’ into the right circles. So you have a push for the directors chair. That’s what you want right! We can make that happen within three years, otherwise you will wait ten and have small window and very little chance to get it.’
‘That is impossible.’ The Butcher was the gummy bear this time. And. Harry was like a river, an oratory master. ‘Ok! I don’t want to know how you do it. What do you want?’


‘Nothing! Nothing sounds expensive. You are going to have to do better than that!’

‘I am not going to lie to you. This will cost you something highly immoral and potentially life and career threatening in the foreseeable future. Call it a favor that is pending and is within your reach. It could be anything from arranging for someone’s kid to get into the most exclusive university to changing your father in law’s sleeping pills with something more colorful. You understand right?’

‘Can’t I just pay you money?’

‘At this level Mr. Butcher, it is not a trick for fish. Does anyone around here look like they need more fish.’

‘I see. If I say no?’

‘I will shake your hand and buy you a drink. Then walk you out and you will never even smell the air of power in this town.’

‘If I say yes?’

‘I will shake your hand and buy you a drink. Then will walk you to our best suit and introduce you to Monic and Vicky. You will have the best night in your life, go home and have the sound sleep of a sociopath. In the morning you will receive a phone call that your business has taken a positive course.’

‘I don’t have a choice.’

‘Let me buy you a drink then.’ He laughed. ‘You will be very happy with your decision. I will make arrangements and you, you enjoy yourself.’ Harry tapped him on the back bought him a drink, walked him into a blue bedroom and introduced him to the painfully beautiful twin sisters.


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