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Rebellion 2 includes non-traditional and foreign poetry styles like haiku and haibun. We reserved this category to welcome those ancient rebels join our mix of literary styles.

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Spoken Word She never misses As you can see Exhibit A Heart wound Skillfully executed Under breastbone She was never brought to justice Roams the plains Scot-free The ghosts of Buffaloes Echo her every...

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Diamond Gaze

Diamond piercing gaze Lashes sharp like barbed wire fences Guarding wary soul more by A. M. LAINE Photograph by Rolands Lakis

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Holiday Epilogue

English Haibun Poem   Oil cracks on the frying pan in the kitchen. Dice in a boggle bubble rattle. I just can’t stop plays on the black-and-blue mini radio Frankie got for Christmas. Aroma...

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First Gift-Opening Without Dad

Contemporary Haibun Poem   Frankie’s hands tear away the wrapping. Brown eyes widen; the corners of his mouth rise: joyful shouting begins. “A pillow pet! Thank you! It’s what I’ve always wanted!” I snap...

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Contemporary Haibun Poem   The mid-afternoon sun rests along the top of the Ramapo Mountains. The patio shines in a brilliance unobstructed by leafless maple trees. Mira and I sit at the table, taking...

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Contemporary Haibun The Camry pulls up. I shut the TV and make it to the vestibule. Open the cracked front door before she can. She looks at me. Her hesitation, anticipation and hurt—there for...

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Contemporary Haibun Poem   The silence unnerves me. My questions are met with their sealed lips and indifferent eyes. Outside our classroom, dappled Maple leaves collapse onto concrete. Time passes. My failing lesson tightens...

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Conflicted Expectations

Contemporary Haibun Poem   We cleared gravy-stained plates and tainted wine glasses. The remains of the turkey could feed the five of us for days. It was the first year we didn’t host. Mom...

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Flea Market

Haibun Poem   A green mountain coffee sign stands in the aisle. Cotton T-shirts and three-quarter shirts with band and sports regalia logos hang on wracks or rest folded on tables inside many booths....

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Uninvited Celebrants

Haibun Poetry   We had plans for my birthday worked out when the French door opens. Five minutes later Mom and Dad sit at our kitchen table. As often happens living in a mother-daughter...

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Joey – Departed

Haibun Poetry   Mom comes upstairs crying. Her tears run down her cheeks, her hands tremble as she collapses into a chair at our kitchen table. “Joey’s dead. He died in a motorcycle accident.”...

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Amid the Clutter

Haibun Poem   Thick reams of paper everywhere. The folders on my desk organizer bulge out with them. I can’t see the top of my desk. Jaime has no room for her piles. Even...