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Love Poem


I saw you gliding o’er the water,
rowing in a steady, slow rhythm
toward the place on the sand where I stood,
in the white wash of the words you whispered
that the wind blew to lap at my feet

I knelt and let the calm waves of your affections
rinse my wary palms and tired fingers,
and splash onto my cheeks, nose, and eyes
a mist of sweet nothings

With your vessel docked safely ashore
you began walking toward me, barefoot,
in your rolled up jeans,
that were wet to the knee
the white wash now greeting your toes and ankles

You held my hand
and we watched the horizon together
as the sun bowed his last curtain call,
the moon rose in her elegant hues,
the stars fluttered into the sky,

You knelt and let the calm waves
rinse your wary hands and tired fingers
and all the blessings of the watchful sky
splash onto your cheeks, nose and eyes
a mist of sweet nothings

As the moon bowed her last curtain call
and the sun reclaimed center stage
and the stars shut their flickering eyes
again you departed with your vessel
into the still, loving waters


more by A. M. LAINE

photograph by Oliver & Hen Pritchard-Barrett

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