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What’s Next?
I had a day
I worked
Did something for the world
Gave someone my time
Got myself paid
Everything was fine
I came home
And wondered
I fed myself
Learned from my textbooks
Did chores and errands
The fillers
Staples of my time occupiers
It’s what I do most often
While underneath I’m wondering
What’s next
What to do
What’s my next move
How to change
How to wake up
With something new
Somehow now the clock says 10pm
Time went by without any
Decision or direction
And I wake up and do it again
Everything’s fine
I think I’m learning
I got a little salary to feed me
A room to tuck me in
I got a routine
My theories, my ideas
My mind leaping
Maybe I’m moving
Maybe I’m happening
10 p.m. again
Curling into warm stagnation


more by ANNA ELISE

photograph by Inspiration de


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