Sleepless Night

sleepless night poetry
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In the sleepless night I see
the light of thousand days,
the days that brought me you,
the days of warmer gaze…

where the sky was different blue,
your smile was always true, so you,
and heaven was on earth, a dream
more real than the words we mean…

and lying under silver Moons,
the stars were singing choir,
where the winter rose begins
to turn into the brightest flower…

But in the sleepless night I see
nothing but the wall, an empty room,
and as I’m calling ghosts, I feel
a light colder than the evil Moon.



photograph by Matthew Wiebe

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6 Responses

  1. Ilidan Stormrage says:


  2. Rosalie Royan says:

    This is beautiful in essence. Really loved it. Only as a suggestion, you might want to pass it by someone that speaks English as a first language. Because even though I capted the meaning, a few phrases were non-sensical in English. But regardless, it was brilliant.

    • Georgi Karlovski says:

      Thank you for the comment. It was meant to be non-sensical as our thoughts and feelings often are… The point is to build a kind of “dialogue” with the reader and leave him depict, rethink, sometimes even finish the lines. Hope that might help…

    • Ilidan Stormrage says:

      Rosalie, poetry is not grammar and language, it’s a feeling, an emotion. Sometimes poetry can even change one language, new words, etc. This is poetry – it has to be non-sensical because our thoughts often are. That’s the point – find a meaning. Cheers!

  3. Lucas says:

    I found it hard to find a solid meter, but enjoyed the off-beat structure and inventive use of language . It seems dislocated or uncoordinated somehow, but works well for me.

    • Georgi Karlovski says:

      So happy to see it worked for you, Lucas. I’ve been working for years to build up a solid meter in my poetry, now I’m trying to get rid of it… and that creates tension in my writings. But, you know, I’ve learned to use that tension as a driver. Cheers!

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