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Society is a broad topic if not the broadest. Here we include articles on social, economical and political issues as well as literary works that engage those issues.

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Poem   You are young with your mind. Let all your creativity shine. You are that endless light spreading happiness in people’s life. When you do have the ability to change through, make a...

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Poem   Emotions pouring like honey I breathe I breathe in the sunshine I breathe in the moon light I breathe the fresh air blowing across the bright light Radiating positivism, irradiating lies ....

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I thought I’d get sick of people Assumed I would eventually just drown in A pool of my own pretention and irritability. But it never came around. It surfaces at times, a jet-black jewel...

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High Rises

Poem   High rises grow from the city like weeds. Concrete is supple soil if the gardener is nurturing and ruthless. Living things need both to blossom. The fruit the buildings bare drips down...

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Poem   Givens: things you can’t subtract -and those you won’t. Time was needle-sharp when new to separate skins. Each longs for unadulterated blood: the fresh pink veins of childhood’s girl, the blue of...

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Would You Care

Poem   A little princess floats aimlessly, skiing from cloud to cloud. She watches earthlings down below, busy chasing trends. Endless cycles to the ends of the world. Girls yearn to be stick thin...