mindfulness poetry



Emotions pouring like honey

I breathe
I breathe in the sunshine
I breathe in the moon light
I breathe the fresh air blowing across the bright light
Radiating positivism, irradiating lies .
I breathe.
I breathe out mistrust
I breathe out doubts
I breathe out my thoughts that make the world fall apart.
In one minute I’ll be back in the grind
Falling back on my mindless mind
Running about on my nerves,
Trying my best to make everything right.
In one minute the crowd will claim
All the rights to my peaceful mind
The race will start against the time
Thoughtful words pouring out from my mind.
In one minute I’ll stand upright.
Ready to face the darkness
The disappointments, holding myself tight.
Learning to put on a convincing smile.
Stay. In.
Stop. Pause.
It’s easy to focus on the wrong.
To go on and on ranting about the negatives of our simply complicated life.
Selectively focus.
On the good things in life.
Oh this short short life.
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Look at the sun rising .
Feel the moon in the sky.
There is a world beyond our little while
Acknowledge this once in a while,
you cannot make everything right.
Everything is not suppose to be right.
There is beauty in imperfection.
Victory comes after a good fight.
Face it.



photograph by J Scott Rakozy


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