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Some call it struggle, some call it battle, fight, dance, ride, leap, laugh. We all label the string of events called life according to our perspective. Here is to struggle!

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Poem   The fur around her neck stirs in a puff of chill wind Each hair covered in glistening drops of frost. Her eyes look up as the birds pass by overhead. Their silence...

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Poem To the naked eye, it was a fine mattress. The woman, supine, seemed serene on the waves- gentle and small (it’s only a waterbed, after all.) But zoom in- you may notice her...

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Poem   Even if I’d set out to intentionally create a source of pain, I couldn’t have done better. Because it never really leaves, it only lessens, Becomes distracted by a leg cramp here,...


The Weight

I was hollow shadows holding onto four hours of sleep and Ambien, wearing sunglasses inside, under excruciatingly dim lights. My eye sockets sinking into my cheekbones. People would visit my mom’s hospital room with...

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Smooth Sailing

Poem   The water is choppy, and clouds cover the sky. This vessel between me and the ocean. A few miles back, the sun had shone, and I’d glided along, languid and calm. But...

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Poem   Jumping, darting, skipping along Speed and weightlessness No heavy weight dragging me Light with no inertia Casual and free Thrill and novelty Fascination, infatuation, fantasy Dream big, dream wide Dream again a...