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Writers and wine have a long history. Wine finds its way not only in their stomachs but in their work quite often. Here are all articles and fiction works that use wine as a tool.


Another Mother’s Day?

Haibun Mom washed, curled, brushed and hairsprayed. Then she applied makeup and lipstick. For the first time in weeks, she looks like she always does when she goes out in public. She loses her...

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Vineyard Visit

Haibun A patio of filled tables and empty bottles. A trio plays the Beatles, the lead singer tapping a tambourine against her thigh. We stopped at the Torne Valley Vineyard on the way back...

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Give Me A Cigarette

Poem   Give me a cigarette, you! Know, I never smoked before Don’t trust me? It’s true Give me a glass of wine, bro. Why? Silence, no one is around but the smoke and...