The Smuggs Chronicle, Part Eleven

stories about family memories


Eleventh Day: August 28, 2013

Mira and I walk resort trails. We pass a bears and berries walk up the road to Notchville Park, heading toward the reservoir. Blue, plastic maple syrup sap lines snake through the woods parallel to the road. When we reach the Res, it looks shallow and stagnant, covered in algae with swarms of gnats hovering over it.

Climbing a steep path through woods, we come to the low obstacle course. Then we follow the red trail blazers through more woods. Pass under the zipline. Skirt past two Owls under construction before we break cover to explore Tamaracks in the North Hill Community.

Why did we invest so many points to stay there next year?

a walk through the woods
avid hikers desperate
for a shuttle ride

Frankie states that he will attend the Adventure Rangers’ Overnight! He tried last year, only to back out at the last minute.

“It’s my last chance. I’ll miss you guys, but I’m going.”

Mira packs what he needs. I ride down on the shuttle with him to the Notch Squad tent.

And feel my throat knot up as I say goodbye.

a wave from the court
how quickly little boys
grow up

The Birch Room at the Hearth and Candle has white tablecloths and a French Vermont country elegance. We sip Big Barn Red from the Boyden Valley Winery and eat fresh bread.

Our courses: so pretty we almost couldn’t eat them. Rich: My filet mignon and shrimp are cooked perfectly. The crab cake — and Mira’s NY sirloin — not so much. When we finish, we’re almost hungry. But we scratched our expensive itch.

After dinner, we walk toward the main entrance and sit on a bench near the pond there, looking at the stars. Meanwhile, the bonfire goes on without us.

date night
my arm around her shoulder
past and future

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photograph by Alexander Chambon

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