Reaching to the sky
Distance running dry
Keep my fingers crossed
Let me get lost
I want to dive into the moon
I want to sing a heartfelt tune
Leave me to my imagination
Exploring the commotion
A searching in the night
Across the Earth in a plane trip flight
Moving in through the oceans
Letting go of the solutions
A novelty deeply felt
A richness that’s soon to melt
Driven by the awakening
Bare, alive

Change is happening
Feeling it
Processing it
Moving through the world with it
Charged by it

A match has struck
Fire is lit
Yearning for the lesson
Learning from questioning
Endless, fast and rapid
It can happen
Anything is possible now
Courage to discover more
What this life is for
Feeling everything
Why nots spilling out the door
Heart-shaped sprinkles
Tossed freely
Onto dreams, soft and creamy
Where is the beauty and mystery?
I’m driven like a bug to them
A secret desire to be burned by the light
An instinct destined to let something die
Stretching to other existences
Stretching my strength and trust
Stretching to discover myself through
The world I had to be burned to see
Chasing lives and experience

And the fire that’s within me


more by ANNA ELISE

photograph by Kalen Emsley

Image Curve’s Manifesto


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