Another Day



Today, I am resurrected again.
The periodicity of a new day has awakened me from my slumber reign.
Tracing the footsteps of the Lazarus, I stand on this shrine;
Of another chance. Oh such a good day, sun shining so fine!
What second chance do you offer me?
Another day to satisfy my ego and cure my temptations triumphantly?
Lovely! Second Chance, I beg thee to filter this turmoil!
Free me from these false bonds which hold me down to soil.
Project my flight into the lush blue eternity above me.
Make me existence untraceable for guilt to find, my only enemy.
As I soar the deep blue ocean of the wind above my head.
Shut my senses off with success. This nonsense I am enough fed.
Do I deserve to know the stupid mankind’s talk?
On my face or behind my back as I, far ahead, walk.
I am unafraid to walk on this road alone forever as long as it’s right.
I am the Son of my Mother and Father who have taught me to fight;
And speak the purest form of truth even if my voice shivers,
They will gush through people’s hearts like the fiercest rivers.
Second chance, where art thou venturing?
Your very existence sounds so conjuring!
The uncertainty of thought and freedom of future is what keeps us alive.
Fills us with excitement as we clutch our fingers five.
I stand here on the cliff of today.
As I watch you pierce my skin, your golden ray.


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photograph by unsplash


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Hello! I'm Dhanush from Hyderabad, India. Been raised up in an Old School, hella open-minded and progressive family of primarily teachers and academicians.

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