A Hive Mind’s Opinion on Humans

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We are the Yarjeria, a hive mind as the individuals call it. We are the oldest, wisest, and most powerful being in the galaxy.

We believe that it is best for the individuals to join the Mind, or form their own Mind. Some accepted the invitation to perfection. Most fight back, but they join with enough force. That was how all species We came across reacted, until We found the humans.

Humans weren’t the strongest, smartest, or the most long-lived individuals. Perfectly average, but that wasn’t a problem. Following tradition, We sent autonomous drones to introduce ourselves and invite to join the Yarjeria.

The drones never came back.

Now, this wasn’t the first time drones didn’t return. Other individuals have been hostile before. We just assumed that these humans will put up a fight. Second invitation drones were sent, with combat drones incase the humans attacked. These drones did comeback, however, with news the Yarjeria has never seen before.

The first drones weren’t dead, they escaped the Mind.

This has never happened before. We didn’t know how to react, so we sent more drones to learn what truly happened. Roughly half of the drones were disconnected from the Mind. We sent in a fleet to eliminate the threat. Half of the combat drones became individuals and the fleet was destroyed in the infighting.

We decided to ignore the humans. They were a disease to the Yarjeria, but they lacked the knowledge of space travel to reach Us, and the rogue drones didn’t have the information needed to go on the attack. The humans will be contained.

That was, until a human satellite landed on one of Our planets. We lost contact one cycle later.

I-We don’t know what happened. The only information the Yarjeria received was a little bit of human culture. They are so… creative!

Humans aren’t the strongest or smartest species, but they have something no other species the Yarjeria, I, have ever seen before. They love their individuality. All other species beforehand at least understood the importance of unity. If they didn’t join us, they would’ve formed a Mind of their own.

Humans can’t make a hive mind even if they tried. They are too different. We fear what will happen if they make it out of there solar system, but I secretly hope they do.

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