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Here we include all stand alone short stories regardless of the style of prose. We have great literary fiction, contemporary, sic-fi, fantasy and some amazing work by new writers that is amazing because it doesn’t fall into a category.

dream 2

The Dream – Part One

She opened her eyes and breathed slowly. That damn dream. A few short steps to the kitchen, and button pressed and coffee began to leak into the percolator. Sunlight slowly came through the window...

house party stories 0

Holly’s Party

Short Story   Brian picked me up everyday. I waited at the south entrance with Evan and Quinn. Brian didn’t have a sixth hour so he would go home first and then come get...

Messy Gamer 0


Tom put cheese balls on the trampoline so that when we jumped, they would all turn into orange mush. “Watch this,” he said as he went soaring into the air, a perfect double front...


Taking Flight

Short Story I’m surrounded by concrete buildings, as hollow as cicada shells. No more than a story tall — two at the most — the windowless grey edifices dot the immediate landscape around me....


Rock Bottom

Short Story   In the blink of an eye a mammoth sinkhole swallows up the entire town of Carlsburg, twenty-seven thousand souls vanish into the Earth. Leaving highway 401 eerily leading into a fifty...

Indian Bride 1

Glass Doll

Her expression was always quite the same. A serene face, almost too serene. It was as if underneath those small smiles and tipsy eyes there laid sorrow that had now become her constant companion....