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Here we include all stand alone short stories regardless of the style of prose. We have great literary fiction, contemporary, sic-fi, fantasy and some amazing work by new writers that is amazing because it doesn’t fall into a category.

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Altered State – Part Five

Short Story “Doctor Lawrence? Why her?” seethed Karen. Doctor Wilson rolled his eyes and went back to checking the charts. “She’s been working on something in the main lab, so she’s our best bet...


Altered State – Part Four

Short Story My senses felt like they were failing, and I was pretty sure that I started screaming. I felt a prick in my arm—Doctor Wilson or Karen must’ve stuck a tube back in....

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Kronos Got Drunk – Part Six

Serial Story We didn’t go to Prague. It wasn’t for lack of trying. We were standing at the foot of Big Ben and Prometheus grabbed my arm while holding the stopwatch just as before. Instantly, everything...

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Kronos Got Drunk – Part Five

Serial Story   “Hello, traitor.” The old man slammed the door closed. “Classic dad,” said Prometheus. He winked at me and knocked on the door a second time. “Go away,” came the voice through the...