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Here we include all stand alone short stories regardless of the style of prose. We have great literary fiction, contemporary, sic-fi, fantasy and some amazing work by new writers that is amazing because it doesn’t fall into a category.

Coffee Shop, fiction about soul mates 0


Short Story Where I come from, people have two heartbeats. One that belongs to the organ that pumps blood through our veins and another that belongs to someone else. It’s always with us, thrumming in...

Walls are Alive 0


“There’s something inside the walls,” Steve whispered. He leaned closer, ear nearly brushing against the faded, salmon wallpaper. So close, he could feel it through the miniscule hairs on his cheek. Breathing slowed to...

impending loss fiction 0


Short Story   Dad said he heard Coyotes around midnight every night. He slept on the couch a lot, which made it hard for him to sleep. The television would be on quietly until...

Open Book 0


The crowds gathered for the keynote speaker. A dark stage and maroon drapery were the only obstacles between him and and his eager audience. He appeared to raucous applause and noticed how they were...

Boyhood 0

The ‘IF’ Factor

Fifteen minutes left. Time was laughing in his face, in autocratic control of the situation. He was subject to the intervals. The sunlight beckoned through the window, but he was afraid to rush to...

Looking Back, short story about generations 0


Short Story Grandmother sits in her hospital bed, tracing the veins down her arms. They are a spectacular blue tonight, a shade she hadn’t seen before. Especially the one on her ring finger, twisting...