To God, From Human

Prayerful Poetry
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I write these words to make you aware,
I mean every letter I type,
I am guilty for the World today,
Please God, own my life.

I might just be another creature,
as tiny and powerless as ant,
But I too have sinned too much.
I don’t deserve to walk on your land.

I am guilty for the demise of every one,
who didn’t lose their life because of you,
I failed to protect my own species,
What more good can I do?

This body is powerless and peculiarly formed,
It must be your dreadful mistake, lord.
These limbs you formed
which we don’t know how to use right
we tried but can only use it for fame
to deform your almighty creation without shame

Although we cured Cancer, Hunger isn’t recognized,
Wind generating electricity we consume, air not recognized,
Water is the antidote of all poisons we create, yet we pollute.
And boast off to the entire universe, “we are the absolute”

I’m too scared to go and die on the battlefield.
Yes I fear death, but not at the cost of our extinction, almighty
No one listens to the words I speak. I’m undermined each second.
Only you don’t, the kindest and the only spirit I can comprehend.

I can’t take lives of animals on your name,
you created them, what rights do I possess!
Take my life instead, almighty lord,
Or grant me the power to make a change.

Channel your foreverness through me,
So I can stop this foolishness,
letting go of our egos and possessions for our own sake,
before you lose your temper and let your wrath break.

Grant me this selfless wish, dear lord.
Give me one good chance,
Take away my body and leave my spirit alone
because it was us who opened the Pandora’s Box,
Wipe off my whereabouts and name
I want this for change, not fame,

My words flow out of my heart,
in the form of these lines,
I hope they enter yours and make you realise,
mortal, how vulnerable to nature thou are,
to greatest disasters and kindest acts,
we are no match for its extremes,
let us repent our sins walking towards our death grim.

To God, from Human
To Happiness, from Despair
To Creator, from Demolisher
To Saviour, from Destructor
To Eternity, from Transient


photograph by Simon Wijers

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Hello! I'm Dhanush from Hyderabad, India. Been raised up in an Old School, hella open-minded and progressive family of primarily teachers and academicians.

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  1. Milen says:

    I feel your heart in these verses and agree with the words. Thank you for choosing as the vehicle to share your this wonderful read with us and our readers.

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