A Leaf

green leaves in a tree in spring
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A shiny, bright, greenish, healthy little thing,
I was born and was nourished,
Find me ever joyful, waving to the rain,
Dancing to the tunes of the breeze,

I provide food my entire life,
I serve you in dedication,
My contribution makes you grow,

On my daily chore,
I change from green to yellow to brown,
Until no tenderness is left,
Age engulfs me,
I get detached from you, unknowingly!

You grow tall,
But I cannot see you grow,
And to what heights you reach,
Yet I’m happy, my Mother!

I am pleased in your well being,
My role in it miniscule,
You go on to produce beautiful flowers,
The progeny continues…

Photo by Dmytro Tolokonov

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