searching poem




I often ask those why´s but the more I asked
The more I lose my way tapping in the dark.

Where is the thread of life and light
I have offered myself
My life, my world, to laugh, to smile for a lifetime

Asking now, where are those
Questions answered
Still wondering, how do I find
The simple way to the end.

Am I invisible in front of you
Chasing love chasing Dreams or chasing me
Tossing and turning when will it stop?
What I am chasing, in this dreamy wonderful world
Just with you in mind in full gear.

@ Thomas De Angelo



photograph by Laith Abuabdu


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Thomas DeAngelo

This is a writer of modern poetry and an inspiring writer. Residing in the lower Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania where he enjoys reading, writing and is his spare time hiking. He has been writing since the 1980's with expectations of being published. The words that flow by ink are the defeats and enjoyments of the life lived in the years that accompanied the mind of a writer that measured his time recognizing the passions of surrounding people.

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