Free Form Poems
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Free Form Poems


I wanted it all to fade away
To take the train across the country
Racing along the tracks without a final destination
Words’ meanings remaining behind
Like relatives on the platform
Fading to grays and blurs as we swept past trees and wildflowers
I wanted to fly through the air
To leave my errors littered upon the ground
Scattered like seeds for the birds
Who could pick up the pieces and fly them wherever they choose
Bury the evidence
And give it new life
I wanted to take your words
Wear them against my heart like a locket
Clasped in a golden tomb
That I could clutch for a reminder
Whenever the terrors returned
I wanted to jump in the ocean
Treading against the current where sky met the water
Where my work had no paper
No readers
No meaning
Where we all became shipwreck survivors
in the crash of the sea
Floating on boards reaching out to nothing
Missing each other amongst the currents
As we pass by one another on the sidewalks
And hear nothing
Sometimes we remember that we are birds
But we forget that we are also a flock
Staying together without understanding why
In these cities
These suburbs
These stories



photograph by Buzac Mrius


Image Curve’s Manifesto

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  1. Anna Elise says:

    Thank you for writing this…it’s amazing! Felt so many emotions while reading it. Great thought provoking imagery. Thank you!

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