Just Let Me Be

new poetry about life
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Crazy, wild, so weird!
Things I am, it’s me,
Oh, just let me be!

Blind and deaf, so astray!
No need to say I have to see,
Oh, just let me be!
Loves, but hates, so strange!
Indeed I hate in love, for free,
Oh, just let me be!
Oh, just let me be!
I see the truth where no truth lies,
and where hate with love complies,
normality means nothing, all is real,
all is yours, and mine, just feel,
the roots of trees are growing,
those trees of brotherhood upcoming,
the light will come, be sure, trust,
the days are born and Love lasts dust,
See, see, we are free,
Oh, just let me be…



photograph by Andrew Phillips


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