Meditating On Strength

poem about strength



Where does it come from?
Where does it hide?
Lurching behind the corners of your worthless mind.

This inner deep desire to leave it the past behind.
To smile and face the world carrying peace inside.

That word which drives your moral steps ahead.
Trying your head with images you detest.

Break apart, fall back on yourself.
There is beauty in destruction and in blankness.
Meet your own imperfections.
Hold your ground even at Everest.
Find it waiting deep within.

Close your eyes for a moment.
Evaluate your strength
The world is filled with sorrow
The world is filled with happiness.

Hear the birds chirping, feel the sun falling in
There will be traffic on the road,
Chaos in place of tranquil.
Master the art of plucking them separate,
and claim your place in this nest.
Build enough caliber to rescue not just others,
but the remains from your own sweet darkness.
With awe, wonder, and amazement,
Discover strength.



photograph by Christopher Campbell


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