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When writers address this at times elusive way of life, in prose or poetry, you can find its praises and happiness on this Image Curve page.

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Happiness – Part Two

Poem These things… That keep joy without a ploy Sort in the human race Easier said than hello trying to see peace and joy In these time we need love For select few it’s...

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Poem   You are young with your mind. Let all your creativity shine. You are that endless light spreading happiness in people’s life. When you do have the ability to change through, make a...

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The Breath of Life

Poem   I don’t want to live a life that’s shocking Shaking or nerve rattling I want to push myself through an air tube feeling a consistent flow and pressure I want to live...


Happily Ever After

He keeps all his photos, and looks through them regularly. She’d never said so, but to herself she admits that of course it bothers her. In fact, how could he not see that it...