Nostalgic Poems
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After all these years of endless shine
the sun has finally given up its efforts.
All these years when you were mine
have slipped past the epitome,
A slow seduction is on the rise
For me, for you, to suffice.
A growing temptation to put behind
Like the fire dancing on the edges on water behind.
These mingling, mangling, twists and turns
Indeed add all the spice to our lives.
Interruptions, explosions and corners burnt,
Look closely for those innocent eyes.
Distinguish between the winner, the gainer, the one with the upper hand
In a game of farce, empty mirages
The human being, a dot on the land
with an ego as big as the iced caps.
Beware it grows, this game of lies.
Don’t water the plant of spite
After all these years of endless shine,
even the sun has felt a right to bite.



Photograph by Jaleel Akbash


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