Poems About Dreams
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Poems About Dreams


I am lost
and never found,

is this what I deserve:
life loveless and inert?

I am lost,
no one is around,

is it my destiny, my curse:
to be the last and then the first?

I am lost,
never had a home,

is this what means to be alone:
to know no comfort nor any warmth?

I am lost,
but that’s okay,

nothing really matters now and here,
in this world that’s governed by the fear,
where the dreams are dreamless thoughts,
and the skies are never blue nor vivid…

I was lost but that’s okay.



photograph by Jared Erondu


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2 Responses

  1. Radi says:

    A interesting combination of pessimism and optimism ! Love it

  2. Mitroffsky says:

    Really good one. Represents all perpetual battles of a human being, all the doubts, all wishes and dreams, victories and losses.

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