happiness poem
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Happiness in a vessel
Containing what makes you come alive
A delicate light you protect
But never letting it thrive
Always keeping it in doubt
Confused and deprived
Bumping your head in the dark
You wonder how to strive

Strength turned into an ellipsis
You see everyone’s colors bright and vivid
But your colors feel confused and dim
Bumbling instead of striving
Light obstructed by mistrust
Light waiting to be piloted
They think you’re a grayish purple
But you’re an ultraviolet!

You want to release yourself
With no quivering whispers
Or shivering meekness
A voice that’s full and rich
A voice that’s selfless

Imagine blossoming
With nothing hidden
No cover ups, no shame
No fear, no friction
Simply sharing what’s given
Knowing who you are
And what you can do
Your greatness seen
And your colors shining through


more by ANNA ELISE

photograph by Yaoqi Lai


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