Running With The Wind

loss poem
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to my father


You’ve been running all your life.
Running from what was hidden
in the past,
in the future
and at last: black abyss.

You’ve played hide and seek
hiding from your fears
seeking mother’s lap,
year after year.

Your candle passed away
Your rusty chains were broken
Your spirit was released,
flying over fields of wheat.

Now, You are free, I know!
Somewhere running with the wind.



photograph by Nick Scheerbart


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4 Responses

  1. Ajay Pai says:

    How true! Dad’s always run all their life, only to provide for the family. Love u Dad.

  2. Mitroffsky says:

    Yes! I hope my Dad will never stop running free and happy, wherever he is now.

  3. Radi says:

    Made me cry! So strong, so powerful!

  4. Georgi Karlovski says:

    It touches the soul, strong and powerful!

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