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Frail Phoenix

Frail Phoenix

I’ve been chasing Golden Horses I have followed frail phoenixes, hoping for a glimpse of their face I watched them fall, awaited their triumphant rise, and wondered if suspended specks of ash are all...

The Scales

The Scales

Like Lewis’s dragon I showed you my scales I hung my head while my leathery wings drooped You were solemn and warm and silent “I see now my sins” I said, and I meant...

Done 0


After the arrows Finally stopped hitting him He sank to his knees Grateful That the Fighting was Done

The Moth And The Flame 0

The Moth And The Flame

The moth flew in darkness Then saw light in the distance It drew him closer and closer Until he felt the warmth The beautiful illumination The magical dance of the flame He got nearer...

Model Of A Man 0

Model Of A Man

Short cropped hair and silent pride Eyes that dart from side to side Scarred of face and chiselled looks The stuff of old adventure books   An out of date, hand me down Model...

short stories about dreams and goals 10

The Great Dream

Short Story “‘Are you dreaming?’ “The question caught me off guard. I didn’t recognize the voice. I turned to look at the man that questioned me. ‘Excuse me?’ As I turned I realized I...

short story about moving house 0

Moving Out And Moving On

Short Story Claire taped the cardboard box shut and sighed. She stood up, wiping a bead of sweat from under her headband as she admired her handiwork. Her small studio apartment was completely empty,...