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coffee kettle on the stove 1

Morning Whine

Haibun The coffee maker still gurgles after nearly an after hour. A steady electric hum drowns out the chorus of birdsongs, save one. Gray clouds swallow the sky. The rain triggers an ache across...

bumblebee on the window steel 1

Spring Recess Reverie

Haibun The essays are graded and packed away. Enjoying my newfound freedom, I sit outside. My right arm, shoulder, and pectoral burn in the sun. A Harley sounds. The sugar maple, where I hung...

haibun 2


Haibun A flash of red. A cardinal perches high on a prematurely blossoming maple. He marks his territory, repeatedly singing the same crescendo. Moments later, he’s gone. No bird takes his place. Ides of...