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Woe of the Ballerina

Poem   There once was a girl named Pearl. Upon a stage she did twirl. But dancing is tough she wasn’t skinny enough so in the bathroom she hurled. The days and the nights...

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Them and Her

Poem   And they hated her, not for what she did, But because she did not do it with them. They hated her smile, when they didn’t cause it. Only tears held value, if...

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Poem   I am the queen. Everyone longs to be near the hive but only you may enter.   more by JULSEY DAHLING photograph by Andrew E Weber   Image Curve’s Manifesto

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Poem   It sparkled in the sun, causing brilliant colors to flash in all directions! The small stone was set upon a large Rock along the road, And all who passed stopped to look....

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The Only Hope

Hope Poem   They’d almost killed me. I saw them coming, grinning, shouting. The sun was down, the sky was frowning, the moon was an evil clown. I knew I was being watched, and...

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Tied To Shore

Short Story   The yacht tilted and dipped, then violently lurched from side to side. It’s sinking and there are no life vests aboard this vessel. The Captain’s angelic wife, darted out from the...

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Do This; Thing

Poem   Okay non sequitur The eyes really do contain a sliver Of soul No, no recant at this point is poor form Shows that your manners slink away when the going gets rough,...

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Looking For You

Poem   What you see here Is no more than a vision You see often in your dreams When you cuddle your pillow You seek with your eyes You cry for this beauty You...