The Day After

Unrequited Love Poem
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Unrequited Love Poem


“Never confess feelings for someone after a drunken night out with him. Those feelings will fade fast as you sober up.”—A Wise Friend

But I missed you so
Did you miss me?
I’ve thought about you often since
And wanted you by my side
Just there

The toxins have faded
I’m conscious again
I’m here and you’re there
Can we dance again?

You hesitate in silence
Greet me in coldness
In sobriety, I guess, you won’t caress
My beckoning reach
Or folds of my dress

Did you intend for me to feel
Such closeness and zeal
For all those thoughts you revealed,
Or were those moments surreal?

I’d hoped otherwise
That that night opened your eyes
To the possibility of you
and I intertwined

As this day after continues
I see this wish fading
In your disengaged eyes
With your closeness abating

Well, I’ll just be here
Sitting and writing
These feelings of mine
That are undue but abiding


more by A. M. LAINE

photograph by


Image Curve’s Manifesto

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