Talk 16 – Gamble

serial fiction

Serial Fiction

All tooth brushes have unique sorties. Some are simple. They are made, bought, used twice a day until all their hairs fall off and are then discarded. Some are complicated.
Some are complicated.
Like our friends in the building across the garden.
Oh, yes, if their tooth brushes could speak!
Didn’t you just come from there?
Yes, we had tea with them.
Ah, yes, tea, my favorite.
We all love tea don’t we? It’s delicious.
At least we pretend it is.
Are you done mocking?
Yes. I’m sorry.
Well, their toothbrushes can’t speak but their parrots do.
They have speaking parrots?
Yes. And they’re horrible beings.
They just mirror. What did they say? No, first what’s on your friends’ book shelf?
Ah, yes, a large television in the middle, surrounded by bottles of gin and vodka, cabinets with crystal glasses and painted china, an ashtray, and the parrot stand.
I can’t believe we are gossiping about them!
Oh, come on, gossip is the spice of life.
You still haven’t shared anything interesting.
They hate each other.
They do?
Yes, openly.
How do they manifest their hate?
You mean openly to each other or in front of you?
Both I guess.
With us they are just ruthlessly sarcastic.
But the parrots fill in the rest.
The parrots, they repeat things said in the past?
Yes, like – I hate you, you’re a fucking liar.
That’s harsh.
The thing is that they didn’t say it when they were in the room. They both went to the kitchen and one parrot said – Our kids hate us because of you, you ruin their lives. Then the other said – Have another drink, have another drink.
They mirrored a conversation?
Yes, they said the liar thing and shut up when they walked back in.
When they came back one of the parrots imitated the doorbell and she ran to the door. Then he said – You’re a fucking liar, again.
So the parrots are not just mirroring, they play games.
I think so, or it’s just random.
How many drinks did they have while you were there?
At least three each.
He drinks gin, she vodka.
And you?
Afternoon tea.
It’s a sad little room they live in.
Wasters, that’s what they are. Gave up on all hope. They can’t even think any more. Non-hopers, non-do-gooders, junkies of pain and tears.
Hey, they’re our friends.
And you’re soaking it in. That’s bad for you.
It’s bad for you.
But we try to help.
By giving a good example.
They need a break, not an example.
Enough, this is getting dark. We had our fun. Let’s throw some eggs.
I bet I can hit the train trucks from here.
I’ll bet against you.
The flower lady is a gambler!
Yes, I am.
What are we betting?
If you hit the tracks you don’t have to pay for the rest of the painting. If you don’t, you pay double the due balance.
Your gypsy husband taught you well.
Yes, or no?
Yes, I’ll take the bet.
Then stop talking and throw.
Let me stretch a bit, get the blood flowing in the right muscles.
Stretch all you want.
Give me some room, I need to make a few steps to use all power of the leap.
Just don’t leap off the building.
Please don’t, I don’t want to have to tell your nice parents that you jumped off my roof.
I am not afraid of sudden death but not of slow poisons.
Then we will put those words on your grave.
Then you should quit the whiskey.
You know me, I only take measured risks.
We know you. But I have to bet on the side of the flower lady.
I bet on the bear.
A bottle of whiskey?
You have yourself a bet!
Anyone else?
We are no gambling people.
Not anymore, anyway.
Ok, all bets are placed, please proceed.
Give me the largest egg.
Smart choice. Make room fellas.
Here I go.
Wow, that was a nice throw.
It couldn’t have been better, well done.
It wasn’t good enough.
You should have known it was impossible.
It was good throw, impressive, for a moment while the egg was flying I thought I lost.
But you knew it was impossible, didn’t you?
The egg is too light and you have had a few whiskeys.
Well played, you’ll have your gold tomorrow.
And when will I have my bottle of whiskey?
Next time we meet, squirrels.
Awe, what was that?
It was an egg that hit you on the back.
There are people on the red building.
Yep, they’re cleaning the chair.
They threw another, be careful.
That’s not right. The rules state no direct assault.
Screw the rules!
Don’t engage with them. What if you hit someone in the eye and a shell cuts it and they go blind?
Chances are slim.
But you’ll ruin your life.
The flower lady is right that’s enough eggs for the day.
Let’s go get some pizza.
You know I don’t eat that stuff. But we could use some food. I know a place.
Whoever is coming don’t raise your hand.
I got you there for a moment.
We are going home, you enjoy.
Me too, that was enough fun for the day.
So it’s the four of us as usual.


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photograph by Tomasz Rynkiewicz


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