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Weekly Chapter house all the work that we publish in weekly installments. Here you can find all chapters of all serial fiction. It is wise to start from Chapter One.

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Talk 12 – Circles

Short Story Where does that door lead? To the neighboring building’s back yard. They also have a garden? No, they have a barbecue and plastic chairs. Meat eaters. Like most of the world. But...

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Kronos got Drunk – Part Twelve (Finale)

Serial Fiction   I watched with mouth agape as the Olympians descended into Elysium. They were dressed in magnificent robes and armors, carrying shimmering spears and swords and shields. Hermes, Artemis, Athena, Apollo —...

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Kronos Got Drunk – Part Eleven

Serial Fiction   Three hours passed before Jonathan Hughes emerged from the apartment. He stumbled down the few steps on the stoop, gripping the handrail like a newborn clings to its mother. A shadow...

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Kronos Got Drunk — Part Ten

Serial Fiction   The titan lord of time looked at me with cold, hard eyes. “You,” he said. His voice shook the air like a thunder clap. “You are a fool. You sought power over wisdom. ...

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Kronos Got Drunk – Part Six

Serial Story We didn’t go to Prague. It wasn’t for lack of trying. We were standing at the foot of Big Ben and Prometheus grabbed my arm while holding the stopwatch just as before. Instantly, everything...