Talk 24 – Hide

short story about love and loss

Serial Fiction

It’s full with rats in front of your house.
I throw them bread and watch them fight over it.
I do that with people.
They chase away the rouches, they don’t like them.
Nobody likes the rouches.
You must be inspired to come down here in the middle of the night.
There is no such thing as inspiration. We real life artist go to work every day.
You are at home here.
I hope so I pay the bills.
How is the art of trafficking?
It is as it is.
Sorry, I didn’t mean to snoop.
Do you have any food?
You know I always cook good things.
For a white woman you do.
Nobody cooks better than your wife. But you get tired from the finest.
It’s human nature.
We try this, it’s wild rabbit by son killed this morning. I hope so of its spirit goes into you, you might need it in your business.
I pay the tree in he forest to inform me on the fox activities.
I know, my husband used to be a fox.
He still is.
Now he is a drunk fox, he might as well be a tree. How is your brother?
He is dying.
I am sorry to hear that.
This rabbit is good, what else good do you have under that dress?
Finish your food first and come to my bedroom. I don’t want my son to find us on the kitchen floor like last time.
Is he home?
No he is staying with his father tonight.
He work at fancy pub in the city and won a company trip to some fancy distillery. Because he sold a pile of brandy. He is flying there tomorrow with his boss and manager. They will sample some brandy barrels and bring one back for the pub.
I am interested.
I am just trying to distract you.
Don’t pity me. It is me who has to dying not my brother. He made the business civilized.
It doesn’t work like that.
At least she is here.
Who, his ex?
That is good. Are you staying the night?
Yes and I will need your car in the morning.
Of course, you paid for it.
Let’s go to the bedroom.
I will open a bottle of wine.
Brandy for me.
There is brandy on the bed side. The wine is for me.
Did you change the bed?
No it has always been the same.
For how many years?
Fifteen I think.
You think, you don’t remember?
We bought it when we moved in.
So you spawned your kids on it.
Yes my son and my daughter.
You separated before your daughter was born.
I did. I think I might another bottle of wine if you go on like this.
How old is your daughter?
So after eight years you realized that you missed him?
Some parts of him.
And he?
He misses what’s under my night gown.
So he’s been drinking from the brandy I payed for.
You have a wife I didn’t know you would mind.
I already pay him to keep his mouth shut. I am paying your mortgage because he drinks everything he makes. He couldn’t even sober up when your daughter was sick. And you are letting him in this house to drink my brandy. Keep it and pay your own mortgage from now on.
You under a lot of stress, I understand. Why don’t you sit down and take a drink.
Sit down! Give the keys for the car.
Are you sure you want to drive like this?
Give me the keys!
Drive safe. I guess I will open another bottle of wine after all.
Do you have a book shelf?
Never mind.
Do you have a book shelf?
That’s what we have in common.
I have to go.
I know.
Let’s see if this car can start. Smells like rat piss in here.
Bark, bark!
What the hell you useless dog! I am gonna grind you into sausages. What was the last time they let you out of here. So that is your piss that is perfuming the air. Let me get the window for you. What the hell, just come with me. You look like a good listener. We are going to make a few stops tonight. Yes, we will get you some food. But first we will visit a friend. Well not really a friend but someone we do favors for so we can ask for them back when we need them. Isn’t it beautiful driving through the night, just you and the headlights? It’s quite, you can appreciate silence I take it. Don’t like you own shit we will get you some sausage soon. I had a brother you know. Well he is almost gone. He is smart, I wouldn’t be here without him. He tried to get out of this hell but my mother she brought him back for her selfish reasons and I think that killed him. He did what he could to make her happy but she couldn’t be made happy. I saw that and I think he saw it but he was a fighter and gave up his own happiness. She robbed him, she couldn’t take it that he was happy in the city with the white girl. Well anyway I knew you are a good listener. We are almost there.


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photograph by Ehud Neuhaus


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