Talk 5 – Scream

fiction about family relationships

Short Story

I could never stand living with someone like that.
But you used to drink a lot.
Being drunk is great but dealing with drunks is not.
Tell me about it, I dealt with you for three years.
I know I am dealing with you.
What do you mean.
Be careful children are crossing.
I see them.
Slow down.
Do you want to drive?!
I don’t like this car.
Me neither.
So where is that drunk girl going after your friend kicks her out?
She is planning to live in her car.
Ah, I got you there.
You did.
She has family here but she will never move with them. I don’t know and don’t care. She is a mess and she knows it.
Maybe she likes it.
What’s not to like. No responsibilities. Extreme freedom. Only one rule. Drink!
I know the feeling.
Which house was it?
It’s on this street. We are almost there.
I can never remember.
I know, you are too busy being happy.
What do you mean?
You don’t try to remember anything and that makes you happy.
That is true. There it is. Isn’t that their other car.
Yes. Wait here.
I don’t want to come in anyway.

Hey aunt, good afternoon.
Ah, you brought the car? Thank you.
Is everything good?
He got home at seven this morning.
He will sleep all day.
No, he is up already, he has been in the bathroom for two hours.
He is probably sleeping in there.
I hope he is dead in there. Can I get you a coffee?
No I just had one. I have to go she is waiting outside.
You probably have plans for the day. How are getting home?
We will walk to the boulevard and get a taxi. Is that camomile?
Let me get two of them in paper cups. It will keep us warm. It’s still not spring.
She likes camomile right?
It’s her favorite.
How is your mom?
As good as she can get, I guess.
Are you still not eating meat? You look skinny.
I am not.
You should eat meat. You are too skinny.
How are the kids?
I think we’ve spoiled them.
You think!
We have.
They roll on the floor if they don’t get what they want. Yes you have.
I thought it’s good to give them everything they want.
Yes, if you are going to be sleeping over at your boyfriend’s. It is good.
Hey young man, you are pushing it.
I am not that young.
Your uncle got a girlfriend, so what was I supposed to do! I struck back.
And sacrificed your adopted children.
Tell that to him.
Tell me what?
Ah there you are, I though you slipped and fell dead in the bathroom.
You wish. Did you bring the car?
What should you tell me?
That you should go to sleep at ten past midday not ten after midnight.
Mind your own business.
You too.
How is your father I haven’t had a drink with him in a week.
He must be the only one.
You want a beer?
No I have to go.
Where is your girl?
She is waiting outside.
What, are we too sarcastic for her?
You are too pathetic.
Wow, careful with the adjectives there. Oh this beer is nice and cold. We got a new fridge, it keeps the beer frosty.
Here is your tea and say hello to her.
Oh, camomile tea. Are you sure you can handle that?
I will be very careful and call you to pick my car if I go overboard.
Thanks for the car.
Thanks for the tea.

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photograph by Dayne Topkin

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