The Song of the Oak

girl walking on a path in a forest


It was a long time ago
in a world of mixed realities
when I heard it
for the first time.
I saw the leaves move
on the air blown
and heard a song
strong but gentle
swinging on the grass
as it made its way around me
and showed me the oak.

It whispered:
“Come closer,
hug my arm,
and look into the world
of my dreams,

In stillness and silence
the oak cried
and told me the story
of his fathers
dying in battle
a long time ago.
The sun was high in the sky
the oak went back to sleep
as a child
a little less sad
now that I knew its fears.

Goodnight and goodbye my friend
I said
while singing the song
of the oak.

more by Ursula Babic

Photo by Timothy Buck on Unsplash

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