poem about identity


Cleaning out your closet
Layers of layers
Each piece holds a history
An identity you hope to keep
Savoring who you used to be
All the places you’ve been
Your friendships and memories
Hidden in your sleeves
If only these clothes could speak
They’ve seen it all
The lives before you
The lives you’ve had
The people you’ve been
A transformed piece of hand-me-down
A part of you
Trying to show
Through the cracks
Truth barely perceptible
Through the cotton
Brands and tags
Your personality’s fingerprint
Weaving up and around
Making its way
Parading through
A visual language
Society imprinted on you
A walking sign post
Answering lightly
The question of “who?”
An image, a persona
What you see is only
What you hope to show
Anyone can be anybody
Putting them on
Taking them off
Each day a choice
Each day
An attempt to answer
“who am I today?”

more by ANNA ELISE

photograph by Ryan McGuire

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