The Devils Dance

poem about mischief



When ebony doth fill the sky
There comes a dance upon a hill
When one and all have closed their eyes
And all around the air is filled
With tongues of fire that touch the stars
Whilst the child all unknowing
Lights up the banquet of desires

Stories come and stories go
But when I was a tiny child
This be the truth and this I know
They came to me ‘pon darkened night
Their laughter drowned my desperate cry
I tried to scream, I tried to fight
As they carried me on shoulders high
And when I thought they’d never stop
Through bush and wood they nimbly strode
And some upon black stallion rode
They halted on a mountain top
Built a fire and tied me tight
Whilst they danced under the silver light

Salt stung my tearful face
And just as I thought there no escape
‘Neath a hedge I saw a shape
Small and slight but no mistake
An angel child had seen my plight
And followed me throughout the night
With sharpened knife she cut my bonds
Whilst devils sang their evil songs
We slid through the shadows of the trees
And ran ’til we fell upon our knees

And now that I am old and wise
At night when ebony doth fill the sky
I try to close my aching eyes, but
Alas, I still hear those devils cry




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  1. Peter Odeon says:

    This rare fine poetry. The pic sets the right mood too. Wonderful!

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