The Red Ribbon

freedom poem
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Night music
Drifting with a stranger
Feeling a slight sense of beautiful danger
Trust feels so exciting
The world is expanding
Smiling at the unknown
Dancing, feeling connected
Swept away
The world expanding
Space fills you
Surrounds you, holds you
The night air is filled with light
Stars in the sky
High dreams bouncing, filling, Reverberating everything
So much to keep in, so much to let go
Soaking in the wind
Ribbons drifting
Soft, fast and flowing
Feeling alone
Savoring the joy, sharing momentarily
Wherever, whatever frees me
Moving steadily
Sharing a mystery from afar
Curiosity, unraveling
The wind loosening
Letting free the red ribbon
Into the night air


more by ANNA ELISE

photograph by Anthony Delanoix


Image Curve’s Manifesto

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