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poems about bittersweet love 0

Pink Kisses

Poem   The sun explodes into a million pink kisses only to be buried beneath the greys of dusk. I catch one, pretending it is from you. Bittersweet. your tears still enchant the day...

World Poetry 0

Would You Care

Poem   A little princess floats aimlessly, skiing from cloud to cloud. She watches earthlings down below, busy chasing trends. Endless cycles to the ends of the world. Girls yearn to be stick thin...


Milk Lady

Poem   Faint impression on eyes shut, body asleep. Lady shrouded with milk waits upon my drowsiness. Sparrows pecking window, waking. Worries flood morning. Whirlwinds of chores, boggling paintings, writings never in print. Anxiety...

poem about pain 1

I Wish to Help

Poem   Beaten I wish to use as explanation At least I know Why Invisible bruises Pain throbs every movement as if middle spine broke Canvas lies waiting wanting My fingers My purest touch...

happy life poem 0

Hippie Pies

Happy Life Poem   Music Flies, The sky pass before me, floating into neverland of thank yous. Papa says you’ll have another apple pie, flee past Mama’s weird ambush of juices I cry not...