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happy life poem
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Happy Life Poem


Music Flies,
The sky pass before me, floating
into neverland of thank yous.
Papa says you’ll have another apple pie, flee past
Mama’s weird ambush of juices

I cry not
into wells of free bizarre treats,
Swelling with gluttony-filled pride, priced
at bottomless pits of quenched thirsts,
beats of bongos triumphed over
indigestion, chills of love notes dancing.
Up and down
on the lining of my tummy pits,
fierce and cool
the breeze of lemony tea blows,
in awe, I throw up blissful treble clefs

My spirit,
trumpeting on to land of honking virtues,
trapped in a maze
of sweet-smelling paths, will I succeed
to conquer or lose myself in whimsy cries?
I pray Lennon to cheer me on
Nodding his bob full with crown of joy

I hop
with carols skiing like
gleeful rhythms, Oh my
creamy dust sprinkled into daydreams
Delight shall come and
all too soon

I beg not
to let this awful throes
chanting never minds to my ears
Perhaps it shall pass and all
I will ever hear is
my mama’s hippie lyrics
of homemade pies


more by Angelina Bong

photograph by Ondrej Supitar


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