Beautiful Medieval Towns You Should Visit in France

preserved medieval architecture street
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You don’t have to say it, okay? We do understand you adore France maybe even more than we do, and in that manner – it doesn’t surprise you’d love to visit it (more than often).

News flash, though – you are not the only one who fell in love with the charms of France. The country of superb wine and exquisite cheese, French chansons and long kisses is a favorite destination of many who go on destination holidays, honeymoons and anniversaries. And while there’s plenty to see as it is, there’s an enchanted side to France not many talk about or know of.

Ars-en-Re, France

Image 1 – Ars-en-Re (France), Author: Arseni Mourzenko

As one of the superpowers in the medieval ages, France had to build many fortifications to stop the invading forces. Those small forts grew into cities, leaving us with a beautiful insight into what medieval ages really looked like. If you want to take a tour around the country, make sure to visit the following cities for the best experience possible.

The town of Ars-en-Re

The amazing town of Ars-en-Re is a small port town, with a lot to explore. The town’s surrounding buildings are kept in good shape allowing all visitors to get immersed into the beauty of old France and medieval lifestyle. Most of the town is still intact and almost nothing has changed since it was founded, well… aside from electricity, of course. Be sure to visit the town’s church, because its spire is one of a kind and it stands out from any church other you would see in France.

Ars-en-Re, France

Image 2 – Ars-en-Re (France), Author: Arseni Mourzenko

The town of Gordes

Although Provence has many lovely destinations, we somehow believe the town of Gordes is something you should not leave out of your itinerary. The winding streets and Mediterranean climate create a unique mood that makes exploring an adventure. The town looks and feels like a fort, and once you reach the upper parts, it feels like you’re standing at the top of France. In the far fields and valleys, you can lose yourself in the endless sea of lavenders.

Gordes, France

Image 3 – Gordes (France), Author: Patrick Gaudin

The town of Colmar

Have you ever heard about Venice? Of course, you have. Well, Colmar is not really Venice but they call it ‘France’s Little Venice’ and – for a reason. The dazzling old-style buildings sure are evocative of Venice, especially because they are seated next to a canal going through the town. This setting creates a unique fairy-tale experience you simply cannot and mustn’t miss. When spring rolls around, the town really blooms, all the flowers liven up with gorgeous colors and it literally feels like you’ve booked a weekend away in Venice. Don’t forget to visit this spectacular town, please.

Colmar, France

Image 4 – Colmar (France), Author: Flavio Ensiki

Make it into a tour

To truly get the feel of what France has to offer, it’s best to sign up for a tour around the country. When you get a chance to explore what the Black Forest tours have to offer, you’ll be able to visit not only a town or two but rather a number of spectacular destinations which will make your France experience that much greater. However, be prepared to walk around a lot as there’s plenty of sightseeing to do on foot.

Strasbourg, France

Image 5 – Strasbourg, Alsace (France), Author: Fr Maxim Massalitin

Whether you’re looking for a medieval town to explore and get a slice of the old France or you prefer to kick back with fine wine in a small café, France is your destination. This country offers more than just good pastry and excellent wine, though – anything you point your finger at will scream with exciting history references, current cultural trends, exciting art, inexplicable architecture and a vibe that simply cannot sit in words. Still, don’t forget that going to France is meaningless unless you check out a few of the old towns, okay? Make Joan of Arc proud.


header photo by Tom Parkes on Unsplash

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